Science Faculty

A) FYB.Sci Total four subjects as given below :one of the combinations should be selected :

Sr.No Subject Subject Subject Subject
1 Physics Chemistry Zoology Botany
1 Physics Chemistry Mathematics Electrical Science

All subjects will have two theory courses and one practical course.

Optional Group (any one of the following )

Sr.No Subject
1 Consumer Protection & Business Ethics
2 Business Environment & Entrepreneurship

Optional Group (any one of the following)

Sr.No Subject
1 Office Management
2 Commercial Geography

Functional English Courses have been introduced since 1996-97 in the college, (Functional English P-I Phonetics and Remedial Grammar and P-II Oral Communication), so those who are opting for Functional English Courses are not allowed to opt for Marathi or Political Science. The followings three (out of six) courses could be selected other than the compulsory courses mentioned above.

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